Here is the Video from the first show. A little loosely done but I think it has potential! Audio embedded in the stream for those of you who would like it.Pre-Show-Show Topic: What Laptop to buy and what are the differences between them. Apple, Dell, Gateway, HP you name it we touch on it. Personal experiences, both in the professional realm and from family members. Tales from the front lines? I talk a little bit about the three basic types of laptops, Desktop replacements, normal / standard machines, and Ultra-Portable / Mobile.

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This is a Brand new show format for us, dedicated to connecting to the listening community at large. Video Hosted over at for the time being. Audio file host here at the wonderful CaffiNation Podcast Homepage.

Update: Please Read!

Hi All Jeannette brought up a great point I forgot to discuss in the laptop piece. Check with the vendors for student discounts. Apple, Dell, Gateway and HP all have student pricing. You will need a copy of your ID or a photocopy / printout of your roster but its well worth the discount.

Also check with you school / college before you buy a machine, they might have useful information about what machine they recommend to work best with their environment. Hope this helps!