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Ok so please for all intensive purposes ignore this post. I’m trying to get the word out about the CaffiNation Podcast, going through all of the old links that i had to the old site and trying to point them in the right direction. Its been a pain so far. So here the Odeo Claim Link

My Odeo Channel (odeo/fbf56b91d054ca8b)Now why would I have to go and do a thing like that? well some site require you to place intrusive notes in your postings, to prove that its your feed. I’m not sure if i can delete them after the fact but lets just see how many i can fit into one post shall we? Here goes podcast alley

My Podcast Alley feed! {pca-140748c6020cdca2eb555cf4de3452e6}

Don’t you all feel good about yourself right now? By reading this you are helping me add each one of these little kingdoms into the grand empire which is the CaffiNation Podcast. Shall we see what else there is on the plate today?

And what pray tell do we have here? Well right below are the technorati tags. Not sure what they are? Well here we go Technorati tags a a way that people can find things that interest them on scores of different blogs. people place these little doo dads at the bottom of their posts to let you know what the post is about. So that way if i was Talking about Michael Richards and the nasty things he said and did a couple days ago then you would see that in the tags. But it isn’t and I’m not. So there you go.

I am always tempted to put something completely not related to my post in there. No one is really going to stop me. I could tag this as aardvark, but thats just silly because who would believe that, espiecially coming from an animal whose name begins with a repeating vowel. I’ve heard the owl now wishes to be know as the oowl. Would that fly? i think not.