I needed to share this one quick little blip for you then set you back about your business. I often speak about tech on this blog and mention coffee as an after thought. But this once I wanted top address the Tea and Coffee acolytes of the CaffiNation. I personally love that coffee and tea are a mystical pair of beverages. They seem to have this otherworldly quality about them. They have the power to bring family and friends together under a common banner, they have the ability to calm and sooth the roughest morning and calm the stormy nights.

It is counterintuitive that caffeinated beverages seem to calm us all down, and at the same time rev us all up in the morning.   I had a great morning here in the CaffiNation Headquarters sharing family time with my son, and my wife. I wanted to share a happy thought and Hope your having a good weekend as wel. Enjoy the rest of your time with your family and have a mug for me.