This post is a summation of recent events and a close on the situation.

Zombies, or as they are called in more civilized circles, the undead, are a menace. The swarm an area, eat some brains and then shuffle on without so much as a by your leave. All kidding aside recent archaeological evidence found in Egypt has brought to the forefront the idea that Zombies may not, in fact, be an entirely modern plague. In fact, there is a great amount of evidence throughout history that they recurring problem and the time between the outbreaks seem to be shrinking. I may even be too late.

With this in mind, I crafted and put together the Official CaffiNation Zombie Plan, Magnus Mortuus Opus. A very Nice PDF suitable for printing and hanging. This post is to be considered a HTML version of the CaffiNation Official Zombie Plan. It contains Information gathered from listeners and condensed into a plan for your safety

You’ll Need Food, Shelter and Weapons to Survive.

Prepare beforehand, locate shelter with easy access to supplies, building materials & weapons. Plan multiple routes. If you band together , move swiftly and work as a team you will be fine. However, you do, need to be prepared to eliminate your allies if they become infected!


  • Arm Thyself: Anything can be a weapon, sharpen your skills and you blade
  • Sever or Smash: A Zombie with no head is truly dead
  • MultiTool: You have a 2 hands your tool choice counts
  • Level 1 Weapons: Crow Bar, Shovel, Tire Iron, Bat
  • Level 2 Weapons: Machete, Sword, Axe


  • Noise: Attracts Zombies, Which is bad
  • Guns: Run out of Ammo & make a racket
  • Cars: After your initial escape! Ditch, then bike only if threatened
  • Power Tools: They need power and cause a ruckus


  • Feed Thyself: Food & Potable Water Priority #1
  • Power Won’t Last Forever: Freezers Thaw, Food Spoils, Think Cans, Gardening, Husbandry
  • Long Haul:Plan to Collect Rain, Compost and Ration
  • Gear Up: You’ll need Armor, Eye wear & courage
  • Maintenance:Be prep ared to sharpen & fix your tools


  • Crowds are Bad:Avoid cities & Population Centers
  • Fortify, Don’t isolate: Limit the number of exits, but keep your options open for a quick escape
  • Avoid Bodies of Water: Provide sneak approach & limit movement
  • There is no outside: Stock up, & plan to not come back for more
  • Don’t Rely on Consumables: If it needs Bullets, Power Or Gas, Its trouble

Hopefully, this quick glance guide will help whoever reads it. I implore you to download and print the PDF, download the JPG version even.