A very interesting promotion for the I’m a PC Guy. John Hodgeman, the one on the left. and frequent guest on the Daily show wrote a book some time ago, entitled The Areas of My Expertise. Apparently today, 12/19/2006 this book is available for free from the audio book section of Apple. Click here to get the book, BTW that link will open up iTunes. So be careful.

Thanks go out to one of our Listeners Chris for sending this In. Good Stuff. So far I’m 8 minutes in and haven’t fallen asleep yet. And thats always a plus.

The Book recording also features music by Jonathon Coulton, of Code Monkey Fame. Here is his post on the subject. Johnathon was nice enough a while back to let us play Code Monkey on our show, which is cool.

Funny enough the book was written in 2005 and the recording done some times there about, which predated either John/athon’s fame. So enjoy.