The other day I was listening to, Geek Label Radio, the hosts were talking about how soon you let your geek show. That is to say how long after you met your significant other before you let the true depths of your geekness show. I’ve been having a fun time talking to a bunch of my friends about this topic and wanted to throw it out there for anyone else to ponder. I was pretty up front, I had posters of Lord of the Rings, Tye dyed t shirts and was pretty much and out of the closet geek. Others I know took months for the anime, fan fiction to come out.

I was curious if anyone out there had something they thought was too geeky for anyone to know, or was there something that you are still embarrassed about? My most embarrassing geek moment was that i wrote a Role playing game called Wizards and Warlocks I played it since 7th grade with my friends on the school bus, there are no dice. Its based on story telling. But I’m not 27 and I still have the maps…


If you were curious Geek Label Radio is psuedo pg-13 rated, generally clean but a couple expletives slip in normal conversation. These guys sell T – Shirts, coincidentally at (ding). Now I haven’t purchased from them, I like some of their designs but I haven’t had anything jump through the screen and grab my wallet yet. Anyway this is a fun high energy show hosted by three true blue geeks, Its like listening to three Simpson Comic Book guys all try to out reference each other. Its a good time, even though its a pretty long format show 1+ hour. Its almost a test of your Geek-itude to see if you can catch all of the references as they fly by.

Consider this the first post in a series of blips on various shows I Listen to. Hopefully I can spread the love about something that you might find fun. Just remember where you heard about them alright ;)

~Stay Caffeinated.