Well if your reading this then chances are your seeing a whole new CaffiNation Podcast homepage. Why you may ask? Well first off I was bored, secondly the old look wasn’t very appealing to the eye. I think this one will work better in the long run. If you like this theme be sure to check out the author’s website. Most of it is in French, but the WordPress documentation was all in English. Enjoy.

joost.jpgLook back more often as we attempt to clean up the site and get back to the business of putting fresh content up on a much more predictable schedule. And one final note. I have just recieved a bunch of Joost Invites! so drop me a line either in the comment section of this post or via email at caffination {at} gmail {dot } com. why the funky typing you ask? Well it seems that the less notable sections of the web have taken to scouring my posts for my email address and the spam increased ten fold over the past couple of weeks. Gotta love progress.

My Odeo Channel (odeo/fbf56b91d054ca8b) ignore this I’m trying to update Odeo to include all of the new shows.