I just barely got a handle on the first life and now people are telling me I need to experiance the second one? Come on.

I am very late to the party here, But the place where i work has an island in second life, so I owe it too myself to fiddle with the program to the point where i am comfortable with how it works, especially considering that my department is now becoming more involved. So rather than cover ground already out there I was wondering if any people who consider themselves acolytes of the CaffiNation had any fun tips for me navigating and traversing the landscape.

But you can call me Pzul Blitz

So far I’ve learned that flying is fun, Oceans, and hills suck. I can teleport with somewhat reckless abandon. I finally found a way to rotate the camera to take this spiffy photo. But other than that I got nothing. So email, comment or chat with me if you have any suggestions for fun places to visit or places to go to learn about how to work within second life.