A Little intro. Skype has had a free promotion for over a year that anyone could make free calls to landlines within the US. a wonderful ploy but would it work? Would it actually pull in more business to their door? Only time will tell but i think it will have a decent residual effect. That promotion is either ending soon or has already ended.

I decided to try skype this past year as a lark basically because of the free calling from computer to land line. So for all intensive purposes this promotion worked. I do a small amount of business online, both with the podcast and with a web design company. So considering that the two of them would probably benefit from having a phone number attached to them but I realize the expense of a full second land line would be outrageous, the skype plan works for me. Now I have to calculate out how much of an initial outlay i can afford then work from there. So there may be a return of the ill fated listener line, or just a phone number you can drunk dial when your bored, and I can only assume drunk. Still I’m sad to see this promotion go, Skype to Skype is still free though.

I just installed Skype 3.0, because I’m slow so we’ll report back on that feature set as well. Although I’ve heard good things from Sebastian Prooth on his blog. So check back for Our take on it. The Flip side of this coin is obviously Dave Gray yes the Rooster him self has some very seemingly valid critiques of the application. Creeping feature ism is definitely a problem with modern software. All Bloat no bang. Had to come back and edit this article after reading Dave’s post.