Ok Ladies and Gents its time for yet another in the broken series which has become the CaffiNation podcasts Literary wing. We have a run down on some of the Hot Tech for the Spring and by proxy the Summer directly after it. For all of our Southern Hemisphere listeners sorry but the fall tech stories are hard to come by this time of year. Save this read for a couple of months.

So with the birds chirping the unnaturally humid days and the fresh breeze blowing through the CaffiNation headquarters right now I thought it would be a good time to throw some with some spring Tech. As the Sign to my left suggests you probably shouldn’t be reading this but rather heading to the outside nearest to you for a breath of fresh air, and a walk, a run, or even a jog if you feel up to it.

But baring all of that you probably want to gear up for what will surely be a long road ahead. Backyard warfare, water ballons, hide and seek and the like. Water balloon warfare has a long and somewhat checkered past with all of the chemical and biological weapons in some of the more hardcore neighborhoods. Super Soakers, once considered unsporting have now gained a wider acceptance as a preferred weapon. But what is next?
water-mortar.jpgAside from the relatively pedestrian efforts of the water balloon launchers, the mortar of the water balloon world, which requiring a three man team, not to mention ballistic charts al la the tyope ENIAC produced. There has been little to no advancement in the heavy artillery of the backyard warfare world. That has effectively changed with the introduction of the Water Mortar, courtesy of the SCI-FI Tech Blog. In an apparent marketing mistake this should have been called the Anti Tank Water Bomber. A mortar is more of a sedentary piece of artillery, with a higher arc to the shot, this is closer to a short range Bazooka. And the main advantage I can see with this type of weapon is that it only requires a single soldier to operate, whereas the Water balloon launcher is as we stated before a three man job.

The next advancement in the ways of the Water Warfare comes to us in the truly innovative form of the Waterball system. A gun capable of launching “perfect balls of water” at a rate of 40 per minute. With this type of ordinance in your pocket you will surely be a feared opponent. Check out the TV commercial on the site for a clip of the guns in action. Neat. Works on surface tension alone to form the spheres, now i wonder what would happpen with these things during the winter games? Weaken defenses, freeze targets, and in cold enough areas, Ice Balls. One word of warning about the site. the commercial features an annoying announcer of biblical, Head-On proportions. Join us tomorrow for the next installment of Spring has sprung.

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Join us tomorrow for the next installment of Spring has sprung. We are working on a 5 part series chock full of Technology News, and coupled with we hope humerus commentary. It should brake down like this. After the last Installment we will be updating this section with links.

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~Stay Caffeinated People!