Hello all,

chewbacca.jpg Faithful listeners and new converts. I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to do a normal show tonight as tonight is the Superbowl and we are having hordes of people descend on our house for Chili, Coffee Flavored Vodka Tastings, and i think a (American) football game might be on TV tonight as well. I had every intention of getting a small show together for today complete with a couple tech tidbits, a few morsels of coffee flavored goodness and of course a elping of spiffy podsafe music.

Ah my friends the best laid plans of mice and men… We are also tearing the bathroom apart here at the CaffiNation headquarters and the duties of a husband supersede that of a podcaster at times. I beg of you to join me tomorrow for a full featured show. Until that time I leave you with a couple funny morsels i have found in my digital travels thus far this weekend. I’ll converse on some of the topics at length tomorrow.

Well my friends in tech, that about wraps up todays little notice. i hope that you will join me on the morrow for commentary, more links and the ever present poor humor. As always

Stay Caffinated people!