A Glimpse into the CaffiNation Lair

Hello All, as I’m sure you are aware I’m a proud member for the Tech Podcast Network. Well this week i had the oppertunity to host the TPN Weekly podcast, a show where the members get a chance to run with a show for one episode. If you’re interested in checking it out I hosted Episode 11, For June 29th 2009

For mys edition of the TPN Weekly I’ll be giving you a run down on how build a better blog, complete with Links to my Podcasts’ Blog Design Guide, a series of articles I ran to help people work on clearing their web presence up. So I’m planning on sharing them as well as how to recover from the dreaded Audacity Crash. We’ll also be showing off a couple bits of Geeky Cruft to give you a taste of the style of news we cover.

And it wouldn’t be a CaffiNation Hosted show without a little coffee thrown in at the end so I share some of my favorite articles and recipes.