panic.gifOnce upon a time, before there was a CaffiNation. Shortly after I created the original version of the parent company responsible for the CaffiNation, one Puzzle Piece Productions, I started a small joke organization.

It was dubbed the NASDT, or North American Squirrel Disarmament Taskforce. The University where I attended as well as some of my friend’s schools had been overrun by the squirrelly menace. They were walking right up to people as they ate, and tried to steal food. And can also be responsible for pelting people with debris as they walked under trees on campus. After seeing the latest gambit i think its time to bring the quiescent organization out of the hibernation and update it for todays world. Below find the original press release and the wonderful graphics I made for the the Task force. I might be updating them soon if this menace continues.


PRESS RELEASE: Warning all persons known to be in coercion with squirrels need not continue reading.

The squirrel population in Philadelphia College Campus’, and reportedly nearby New Jersey College Campus’ as well has reached epidemic proportions. This lower level rodent appears to no longer be content with gathering and burying nuts for later consumption. No, these furry little Napoleonic pranksters have begun an assault which is sure to spread out into all out war against humanity. Acorns, Berries, twigs, when will it end. We are being attacked from above by projectiles of violent nature.

It used to be that autumn was the time for lovers to go arm in arm walking under amber, red and brown trees. The walked sipping cups of apple cider, cozy in each others presence and their knit sweaters. All was right with the world. Now those same love birds flit from clearing to clearing, avoiding walking under the autumnal canopy whenever possible. The squirrel menace has begun an all out aerial assault upon merrymaking. No longer are normal people like yourself safe. Unite under a common banner. Stop this senseless senselessness. It need not continue any longer. Together we can fight these Machiavellian fur balls. Join under the common Banner of NASDT (North American Squirrel Disarmament Taskforce), you too can help stop this menace before they grow too powerful.

esdt.gifThe interest in the organization waned after a couple of months, some of my friends from other continents requested graphics of their own. But sadly there is no record of the original page on google. Now we can only hope that their leader doesn’t get to angry with us. While we find him funny we abhor his peoples claim to world domination. Now that we have proof of their insurgent intentions then we must band together and act. Lest they continue on their path of destruction on our way of life. Please don’t let the attacks continue. What more proof do you need? Join today


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