Most of the media is all about catering to a guy’s use of Tech, whereas women are a huge untapped market for shiny things unrelated to jewelry. Most of the women i know feel more than a little alienated by the marketing pushes for Tech, not that they don’t like geeky things, some more than other but rather that they don’t feel inspired to purchase these things. I myself have found myself on more than one occasion to have to rephrase what a particular game, gadget or shiny object is used for so that my wife will feel the need for it. This is also know as begging to the uninitiated. Engadget finally has a good grasp, at least from my perspective, on what makes a woman want tech. Great Idea people!

Some of their ideas, and explanation may seem a little off but if you look closely you see the essence of what women seem to look for in tech. Well designed, compact, and well thought out tech. I don’t mean this post to seem condescending towards women. Rather I think that they are much more discerning customers, who know what they want and how it should look. Take a peek at the mens section, the only cohesive thing you could say about this stuff is that its all geeky? No cohesive thought. What a shame guys.