First question people usually ask me upon seeing my Podcamp Philly shirt, or hearing me talk about Podcamp is “What is a Podcamp?” There are plenty of definitions floating around but the one that Usually works for me is some derivation on this.

Podcamp: A low cost conference for anyone interested in any aspect of   podcasting, video blogging, of new media pursuits in general. From business to personal, listener to producer, beginner to expert there is always something for anyone being presented.

Anything more for a definition and we get into the more philosophical, and obtuse, and no one needs that.

Now that we know what it is, why should you bother going?

The People:

Despite what many people in the world of podcasting would like to think its not yet a universal medium. And more often than not if you tell someone you run a podcast you’re going to get a blank stare or the dreaded question… Don’t I need an iPod to listen to those?

Podcamp is about meeting like minded people, passion feeds on like minded souls. If you thought you were excited about your show, or interested in the space before I challenge you to come to one of these events and not come away excited, energized and full of brand new ideas.

The Refill:

Every year as the Calendar turns to September and October I find myself stagnant in my show. I need to change something I need to branch out and Podcamp Philly fills that void. It allows me to share what I know with others and realize I’m much further along tha I ever thought i was.

As a podcaster more often than not we run a solo gig, you might have a friend or two who listens, gives feedback or even appears on an episode. A podcamp is the perfect place to bounce ideas off others, fine tune your craft or Strech your wings.

If you’re in the Philly Area you owe it to yourself to stop by Podcamp Philly being held October 3rd and 4th at Temple University. If you’re not local find your closest podcamp and join in the conversation.