Coffee has a very negligible fat content. Now a great many of you enjoy caffeinated things other than coffee, Such as Machiatos, cappuccinos and other sweetened drinks. I’m going to show you how to make a serviceable no fat machiato in three easy pictures. Is it as good as a full fat version? No. I’m not going to lie to you. Does it serve in a pinch? Yes. Does it taste good… Yes. And thats all you really need to know.

1.) Tools-Trade-2
No Sugar Added Diet Hot Chocolate & Tasters Choice Instant Coffee (Any Instant will do.)
I usually prefer Choc Full O’ Nuts.

2.) Just-Stir
Mug with Caffeine Molecule on outside… a must. Boiling hot water water add both powders into mixture

3.) Results
Stir that bad boy until there are no clumps left and enjoy. I normally add the powder first and let the water mix it. But this one was microwaved beforehand to heat the water.

Instant mixtures like this are great to hit up ahead of time and then bag for later use like a late afternoon pick me up in work. Add to water Hit with microwave and enjoy. I had people coming from other offices into mine looking for the savory smell’s source.
Now something a great many of you are probably not aware of is that I am currently on a diet of sorts. I say of sorts because i frequently stray and try to be as good as I can during the week because there is just too much good food to be had on the weekends. Still all told I am doing pretty well. I don’t usually talk about this aspect of my personal life but apparently unbeknownst to me the change has actually become noticeable to some people. I’m down 30 lbs from September 1, and still going. If I was motivated enough to get to the gym I might be doing even better.

And things as they may be I am on the lookout for various caffeinated recipes with little or no fat. Good thing for me my absolute favorite beverage black coffee is “No Points” as it were. I get X number of points during the day and if coffee was even one point I’d be in trouble, right quick. SO if one were inclined to use points to measure your progress in your daily tally of food, then this would be no points, and count as a milk serving to boot.

A certain international organization who watches other’s weight has issues with people assigning points to things without paying them wads of cash. I lack wads of cash, so draw your own tasty caffeinated conclusions.