A short time ago i was approached about reviewing a caffeinated water product called Avitae, pronounced   ah-vee-tay. I jumped at the chance because their hook is that there are no extra flavors or chemicals in the beverage, just water and caffeine. I was intrigued, and frankly after trying and panning more than a few syrupy sweet energy drinks I was looking for a refreshing change.


The Claims:

I like simple   and easily provable claims to judge products on. Most companies that make simple statements don’t have anything to hide, which is what I like. Cut the buzzwords give me the facts.

  • Claim #1: Water, Caffeine Nothing else
  • Claim #2: Tastes like nothing
  • Claim #3: Gives you a boost

Like I said Simple enough for anyone to give it a run down.


Not that it matters one way or another what form a bottle of water comes to me in but this is a spiffy designed package, and completely recyclable. Which is always very nice. The clean lines of the bottle and bright colors of the cardboard carrier are quite nice and the carrier has been twice saved from recycle bin because I keep finding more uses for it.

Whats Inside:

The easiest claims to validate are the ones that make no sly half truths. You check the ingredients list on the bottle and you get two items. Water and Caffeine. Which is exactly what I would expect and what the claims put forth. So this is an easy check on the list. The bottle has 500 ml of water, and 45 mg of caffeine. Simple enough.


I am not an optimist. When I see product claims I routinely disregard them until having given the product a run through myself. In a time when even plain water is getting flavours added to it I’m very suspicious of any product which say it tastes like nothing.

Avitae does indeed taste like nothing when cold, literally it doesn’t even taste like mineral water. There is no salty or chemical aftertaste some bottled waters have. When room temperature the water does have a slight taste, almost indiscernible, a remote hint of a bitter note. But who would drink bottled water warm?

I shared the water with a couple of my friends on a recent camping trip and out of 4 people who tried it both cold and warm I was one of two people who could taste anything when warm, and even then the hint of a taste was faint at best.


With comparable caffeine intake to a diet soda, weighing in at 45 mg. While this might not seem like much to a coffee drinker with a significant daily intake I decided to try some of this both at night and while I was on a nature hike. I even passed out the bottles to my friends and everyone felt refreshed, no jitters. just enough energy to get you going and on the move.


If there is a retailer in your area your mileage may vary. Avitae is available on Amazon however for the price of $24.99 for a case of 16 bottles. That’s approximately $1.57 per bottle. When compared to other water sold on Amazon it was in the lower range of the Fiji’s and Energy Waters out there, but cost more per bottle than a case of plain water.


Avitae lived up to its claims for the most part, I consider the taste test a pass since the warm water barely had any taste at all and only a fool would drink warm water. While I might be that fool I can’t help but recommend Avitae should you be in the market for so Caffeinated Water.