If you remember way back on CaffiNation Episode 211 we spoke in brief fashion concerning the rise of a new dietary supplement called Nano Coffee. We commented on the review previously done by EnergyFiend.com and expressed our interest in the idea as a concept. Well our interest perked some interest in the people who make Nano Coffee and after a short conversation they decided to send me a care package for my own review. I can’t endorse and product that I haven’t personally worked through its paces.

First off Thank you to the Nano Coffee people, and specifically Jan Stuart for sending the product in for our perusal. As with all reviews here at the Caffination we send the products into the real world for testing. Which means I get to take the plunge and report back.


Secondly I was curious if the pills actually did smell & taste like coffee, as the site implied. Well upon closer inspection the pills smell like coffee, just not brewed coffee. There is a sweetness to the smell which was hard to pinpoint, until I stepped away for a minute and the smell smacked me right in the face. These pills smell exactly like coffee Ice Cream, or Coffee Syrup, or Coffee Yogurt. After that was out of the way the only thing left was to try them. Did they in fact taste like coffee? Sadly no. There was really no taste to speak of, but then again I didn’t chew the pills like the guys over at Energy Fiend did.

The materials enclosed say to watch for people who are sensitive to caffeine. A quick glance at my Coffee Consumption profile over at iNeedCoffee.com proves that I should be more than up to the task. 200mg of caffeine per tablet? Please I drink that then go to bed without issue. I figure on a given day I usually rock about 800mg – 1200mg of caffeine. I am well caffeinated to say the least. Still I decided to play it safe with one pill following the dosage instructions to the letter.


Paper Clip just for size comparison.

I took the pill at 6:30 am with water, as directed. 1 pill to account for the two cups of coffee I normally drink at that point. I skipped my normal coffee to see if this could fill in. By the time I started to drive to work in the morning I was feeling very awake. However my mouth was dry, very dry. By the time I got to work my heart was fluttering. It wasn’t palpitations, and it wasn’t the coffee jitters, no I’m quite used to what that feels like.

After taking this pill I was wide awake, but I felt strained. I felt like i should be tired but i wasn’t. Overall I can’t say it was a pleasant feeling. While I did preform at a high level that day, and again the next when I tried it one more time I didn’t enjoy either time. Given the amount of work i had to do on Tuesday when i tried it, and being in jury duty all day the next, I was motivated to stay awake. Both times I felt my a flutter in my chest and very dry mouth. To top that off both times I got intensely hungry about 2.5 hours before lunch, even with a very full breakfast. This was only with one pill. The effects lasted longer than I expected as well. I was still feeling my heart beating quicker, and the flutter in my chest at 2:00pm, almost 8 hours later. Because of this feeling I felt it would be better for me if I did not partake in my afternoon cup of coffee.

There was no crash after the effects wore off, so the literature was correct in that respect. But I honestly didn’t expect one. The “crash” that most people describe after drinking energy drinks comes from the sugar in them. Nano Coffee doesn’t have any sugar, so there shouldn’t be the quick rush nor the sudden drop. By the time the effects wore off noticeably I felt run down, I did not crash but rather I felt like I had just run a marathon, I felt drained and at the same time unsettled.

After taking the supplement the first day I decided to consult with some medical professionals, who for the sake of this article sent me some links to educate myself more on the contents of the nutritional label for Nano Coffee. Which you can see below.

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the thing that stands out right off the bat is the Level of B12, at 3000mcg, %50,000 of the recommended daily allowance. That alone made me step back and want some more information. Now according to most sources there is no toxic level of b12. The article does list natural foods High in b12, and no natural food listed contains more the 84 mcg, let alone 3000mcg. I usually prefer to side with Nature in these type of debates. Although a lot of the vitamins included are listed under caution for those with Diabetes. Specifically the high levels of Chromium that are in the pill. I don’t have that but its still good to know. The warning lable should be updated with the diabetes information.

I enjoy drinking coffee, obviously given the site you are reading this on. And from my experiences concerning this product I can’t say I recommend it to anyone. I don’t have a problem with caffeine, but this suppliment is more than caffeine, its a multivitamin with caffeine and a proprietary herbal blend. I’d like to think that I know my own body, and I am very attuned to how it reacts to products and medications. I’m a healthy, if slightly overweight 28 year old male, with a high caffeine tolerance. I am on no medication and take vitamins daily. I have never had a reaction quite like I saw in these pills.

I had doubts as to whether or not I could replace or compliment my daily coffee intake with these supplements. I simply enjoy coffee, and the act of making and drinking it too much. I can honestly say after my two day trial that not only would I not replace my morning coffee with this product but I wouldn’t feel right recommending it based upon my experiences as a normal, otherwise healthy coffee drinker to consume.