I love reading, but frankly the standard technical book is enough to put me to sleep. When I read a technical book I do want to be informed, but I would also like to be entertained as well. I was recently sent a copy of Hello, Android, by Ed Burnette from The Pragmatic Bookshelf.  I was greeted with a friendly, educational and entertaining  resource.

I’ve been trying to get back into programming for a while now. Specifically with android devices in mind. So this book has found a loving home in my backpack. I’m not quite there yet. (Meaning the proud owner of a Published Shiny New Android App) But I wanted to share my opinion of the book.

Ed Burnette has a very relaxed and conversational tone. His experience is clearly evident as he walks you through the different parts of creating an application for your device. It covers all the different versions of Android, from Cupcake to Froyo and even a bit beyond. It gives good advice without being long winded.

The author is obviously very well versed in the subject and takes you from concept to completion smoothly. Even getting your app added into the Android Marketplace. He adds helpful tips along the way so that you can learn from the wisdom of those who have gone before you.

Rent or Own:

I judge all books based on whether or not you should buy them or take them out of the library. I would file this book in the Own category, it gives you a helpful  walk-through. It guides you  through  the process of creating your first Android  Application, and gives  helpful  hints along the way. I already have mine covered with notes.

Word to the wise however, If you are a seasoned pro at  producing  applications for Android this probably isn’t the book for you, but a little refresher couldn’t hurt.

However, If you are like me and want to get started with developing content for Android, then this is the perfect book for you. It does exactly what it sets out to do. It educates, informs and even entertains along the way. I love a side order of  humor  with my tech.

This book is available in either Print ($34.95 ), DRM free epub ($22.00) or Both for $43.75.

Hopefully you will get to see a CaffiNation Android App in the near future! I am a picky person and if it isn’t awesome I won’t put it out there.

Book Information

Hello, Android Hello, Android, Third Edition
Publisher: Pragmatic Bookshelf
Ed Burnette
ISBN: 9781934356562, 300 pages
Book Price: $34.95 USD

* Full Disclosure: I was sent this book by O’Reilly, at no cost, for the purpose of reviewing it.