Hello Paul it's been 4 days since your last attack

I’ve gotten migraines most of my life. They really suck. But I don’t get the stereotypical auras. My migraines just come on suddenly on the left hand side of my head. They can last for hours or days. Of late I’ve gotten them under control with medication. But that’s not what this post is talking about. This is talking about how you track your migraines.

I used to use a pen and paper but I found that difficult. Enter migraine buddy. I don’t pay for the app, nor have I been paid to post this. It’s just a phenomenal resource. I actually learned more about my condition from the app than from the doctors. I learned all about prodrome and postdrome conditions. Which are headaches and conditions that precede and follow a migraine. It’s helping me track possible triggers. And you can add your own.

The only drawback is that since it collects so much information it takes a good chunk of time to enter when you have a migraine. Honestly when you currently have a migraine it’s not the time you want to be playing on an app. You can enter stuff after it’s over but I find it better to do it as soon as it hits.

The sheer volume of information this app collects is great. Possible triggers, steps you took to alleviate some of the symptoms, and medications you have taken. It even keeps track of when I’m sure for more preventative meds and when my next doctor appointment is. It’s a great app. If you get migraines I would highly suggest tracking how often they happen. And this is a great place to start