splenda.jpgMy wife recently gifted me with a box of the new Splenda Flavor packets for coffee. She apparently debated in the aisle between Hazelnut and French Vanilla. She went with Hazelnut. So I figured I’d spend a bit and let you in on my impressions. And yss I know the pic is of French Vanilla.

First impression is a super sweet concentration with an almost overpowering flavor and scent. This is not unpleasant but at the same point its sweeter by comparison to a single packet of Splenda. I’m a low sweetener kind of man so this took me by surprise. The flavor is consistent and is a definite perk to any cup of less than standard issue coffee. I’m dealing with an ill advised purchase of some Folgers instant as my back up and its hard to get past. Without some flavor backup.

The best part of this venture is the aftertaste. Too often chemical flavors and additives leave a reminder of why I never go that way. This has an honest to god Hazelnut flavor to it. And the flavor stays that way after your done your mouthful.

As many of you may know I like my coffee black, no cream and no sweeteners as a preference. However especially at night I like a sweetness to ease my day out the door. So I spend a good deal of time looking for sweeteners which do two things. Sweeten the coffee without some ridiculous nasty chemical taste, and also don’t get me all hyped up on a sugar high. Splenda fits the bill for both. And moreover I have been adding spices to my coffee with reckless abandon. And this is all that in one small little packet.

So overall I think its a worthy pick up for someone looking for an addition of consistent flavor to a cup of middlin coffee. I would consider it a serious infraction to add this to any specialty coffee. This is perfect to take with you, leave in the car and resurrect that cup of swill served to you at the drive through, restaurant or fast food joint.