Its been good, these last two years, doing the CaffiNation Podcast. I’ve had fun and made friends. I can only hope to continue doing so for a very long time to come. Podcasting is about a lot of things, its about your topic, your audience, yourself and your family. But not in that order.

Your family has to make sacrifices from time to time, like understanding that Sunday and Wednesday nights are spoken for after 9:30. Its about doing a show while sick, tired, and with a baby monitor in the background. Its about understanding that real life gets in the way of shows sometimes and thats fine too. Its about planning ahead, recording and scheduling the shows while your going to be on vacation. Its about work, and love. Its about a connection to your audience that you might not have thought you could feel. Its about strangers feeling like they know you and joining your ranks. Its micro celebrity, its new media, its social, its awesome.

In that time I’ve learned more than I can relate to you in this article about networking, putting myself out there and learning to like my voice. I enjoy and love spreading what I know to others, and in these coming years hopefully your going to see that take shape. Feel free to ask questions this show and by proxy my production company, Puzzle Piece Productions, are all about dialog. So the more you, the audience puts in the better everything becomes. Taking, and asking for Critique. Internalizing problems and making the issues your own. Re badged content looks as such, people come to you for who you are, I live that dream. My creative side is sated with the understanding that others can see the fruits of my labor.

I’m going to be posting a set of Podcasting lectures soon. Little a how to with what I have learned, and hopefully we can build from there! This article has been in the works for a while now, but it didn’t really take its current form until very recently.

I wanted to thank from the bottom of my heart the people who have listened to my show, either from day one, or yesterday, Tomorrow or next year. This show is meant as a service to you, and I hope you feel that you can join into the conversation, and are entertained by the content. I feel that Passion is my primary export on the show and that all else will follow. I love what I do and I can only hope that that shines through.

I dedicate this show 197 officially, to my Wife and Son. Each show is because of them, but tonights show will be for them. Thus begins the next next chapter, I’m going to tear this mother up from here on out.

There is a special reason for that. When I was a very new podcaster with only about 37 episodes under my belt I reached out a to a bunch of fellow Podcasters and tried to share some small bit of news. I made an offhand comment about having more time to devote to my site’s graphic identity after we made settlement on our house and when the Baby came. I was pooh poohed to say the least, and I felt insulted a small amount. I knew it wasn’t a direct insult but rather it was an assumed Older and wiser set of people weighed in on the topic. I felt like they were not expecting my show to last much longer, let alone survive the addition to the family. So from Episode 38 on I made a silent dedication to do this thing right, and do it within the confines of my family. My son has appeared on a couple of episodes, I announced his birth on a quick post in another. My wife has provided a balance to my fanatical geek. I am grounded by her, blessed by him and defiant of those who doubted me. Every Episode since 38 has been to show the doubters, My family is strong, my show would go on. On th 20th they will see the 200th episode drop, and they will tremble.

Ok so the Us V Them is all blown out of proportion, but it makes a good story, and better motivation.