Returning home from work today i had every intenton of starting the show right on time at roughly 10PM. However my body had other plans for me, and i think i should listen. I wasn’t feeling 100% all day something seemed just a bit off, without getting into the gory details I started to get a fever, chills in my 75F house. The whole thing started rapidly and the long story made short is I’m sitting under a fleece blanket right about now, longing for the sweet release of sleep. While I could soldier on, and I have in the past. I think the best thing for both my body and my family, and quite frankly your ears at this point is to bag the show for tonite. I’ll try again tomorrow, same bat channel and hope the feeling has past.

Thank you for your understanding and you continued support for the CaffiNation Podcast, I entreat you to check out some of the Recent articles that I have written. They will be discussed at length on the next show. Thanks for understanding and Stay Caffeinated.