Hello formerly loyal listeners of the CaffiNation Podcast, I hope you’re still out there. So By now you may have noticed we missed two shows in a row… this is bad… very very bad. And something i can’t remember having done in a very long time.

I apologize. I can only offer the bags under my eyes and the  nighttime  crying, mostly from the baby, up as a panacea for your tech and caffeine deprived ears. I am committed to continuing to bring you awesome content. Hopefully the baby will calm down a bit. With most of the  monumental  functions for a little while out of the way I can focus on sleeping and enjoying coffee, and recording great shows.

I can’t do a show with lackluster effort, nor content. So If I wouldn’t listen to me I can’t in good conscience record something. I may end up moving to slightly shorter shows for a while in a concerted effort to get the best content and show out as possible. So stay tuned another episode isn’t too far behind.

“Life is not one big joke, life is a  bunch  of little ones all lined up right in a row… there they are”

~  Richard  Pryor : Moving