One of the best things about doing a solo show, ie not having co-hosts is that if the show doesn’t turn out correctly I always know whose fault it is. That also happens to be the worst thing, there is no one else to shoulder the load if I go down for the count. If you remember last episode i was taking care of a sick child, and a sick wife. Well they infected me. I spent the latter part of Friday as well as all of Sunday in a fever induced haze, which has had the lovely side effect of destroying my voice. I thought about doing an interpretative mime for the show… but one quick glance in the mirror made me realize the Internet is not quite ready for that.

I’m rescheduling the show for Monday evening, trying to read three short books aloud to my son tonight was torture, but a wonderful pain at that, It also made me realize bantering on for 30 minutes about tech and caffeine just wouldn’t happen. So I apologize for the second such delay in a single month.