Hello there people, dear listeners and friends.

I assume you are all wondering why there is no show this morning. I can tell you that this has been one crazier than usual week. I don’t like excuses, so this won’t be one. There are several realities that happened this week. Work was a perfect storm of problems, and resolutions. It feels good to fix things and be recognized for your work but at the same time it gets under you skin when you know thedscf0048.JPG problems could have been avoided.

Secondly on a personal note, my father went into the hospital on Wednesday night. Everything is fine so far and the doctors are working to figure out exactly what is wrong with him.

And finally last night. I had every intention of getting a truly bang up show put together. Despite being sick and loosing my voice periodically the past two weeks I have had energy to spare. Well last night after getting home from the hospital that energy ran out. I was reading mynews feeds and i passed out at the computer, for about a half hour. And this was 10:00, not even a respectable midnight showing. So for once I listened to my body and decided to actually go to sleep. I will try to get a show together for Friday or Saturday, and then again at our normal time on Sunday.

Thanks for you continued interest and support for the show. I need to get my rear end caffeinated.