I’ve been working on a problem for a while now. I love using  Tumblr to pass along great links, funny videos and awesome images. The problem is that it  fractures  my web presence something  fierce. I don’t want to have people  traipsing  all over the tubes looking for information. I want them coming to the Caffination. We like you here, each and every one of you, the listeners and the readers are like wonderful friends I haven’t yet had the chance to have coffee with.

Tumblr is great, it allows for the community to drive the content and provide limited feedback. But there is nothing like a good old fashioned blog to really spread this information. So I wanted to do two things. First continue using  Tumblr  without forcing everyone to make an account over there.Post stuff and participate in that community as per normal. But… I  wanted  to content to appear on the Caffination as well.

I think I might have a solution to update Tumblr as per usual and have the awesomeness show up on this blog as well. There may be some growing pains as I test it out but look for shorter more frequent posts to show up on This page too! Now i have to work on getting all this to happen without breaking the podcast!