The Techpodcast network has bee working on a bunch of great things, and one of the most interesting is, Think of it as a amalgam of all of the different video podcasts on the TechPodcasts Network. Good and varied content front to back and always on. I emplore you to give it a look see.

We here at the CaffiNation Podcast have also been working on a new video idea. We just started Caffination Shots, still hosted at the wonderful URL you know and love, but now with more pretty pictures, and some not so pretty ones too, hey I need some camera time ;-) The idea behind this new podcast is simple. 3 short topics, dished out quickly and in a conversational style. Think of it as a espresso shot of tech news, condensed, powerful and nuanced. There may end up being minor overlap between the two shows, and we are looking to drop this podcast every Friday or Saturday, not sure which one would work better at this point.

Rawvice has also been working quite hard to get the Video and Audio content onto as many devices as possible, The Roku and the Boxee set top boxes are really starting to ramp up. Makesure you check out the Techpodcast, and Blubrry apps / channels on each of those services.

So for all around awesome video content make sure to hit up, but don’t wander too far the Caffiation Podcast is going to keep trying to bring you new and informitave content as often as possible.