Alright Dearest Listeners, Caffeinated Do-Gooders, Tech rats and Code Monkeys.

It seems mother nature has decided to put the kabash on my Podcasting productivity tonight. What started as feeling a might bit under the weather on Sunday night after my triumphant return from vacation without missing a show has blossomed into the dreaded summer cold. Its lovely and bright outside, yet you feel in a daze, sneezing and coughing. I even had the good sense to pass this bug onto my 10 month old son. Brilliant, as the Guinness spokes-toons say. So I must delay tonights show for one more day as I just need to count on some shut eye this evening.

Expect a fully featured an energized show for tomorrow evening. Until then I leave you with a couple of rather interesting articles I saw earlier today.

I’ll be talking more about these topic tomorrow but i figured I’d give you a head start on your reading

Thanks in advance for you understanding.