So it has been 5 years since i first came up with this concept.the idea behind the celebration was simple, more than any other career choice IT can be learned on the go, provided that there are people willing to teach. I owe my career and my livelihood to the countless techs forum posters and how to authors out there. A degree in anthropology can do many things but teaching you how to run an apache web server isn’t one of them. So this is a chance for those of us with some small amount of knowledge to give back to the community.

I Picked April 15th, tax day to pay your karmic dues as well. The  original  tagline was Pay your Taxes Pay your due. Teach a Man to Tech. It has changed over time to a yearly theme. This year is Teaching and Sharing Tech,  hopefully  focusing on bringing and creating more pieces of  usable  information for anyone no matter their level of expertise.

You can either pick an individual to take under your wing for the duration. Or you can commit to writing a guide or how to on some common topic. Last year I write a guide to improving your blog through good design. Either way blog about it, share your experience, because only through constant sharing can we ensure the next generation of techs have sufficient resources to teach themselves, or at the very least they know who typo ask for help.

Help us combat the image of the grumpy tech, and the cranky helpdesk worker. Lets fill the space with good and helpful content instead. Feel free to use a  graphic  and drop me a line if you would like to commit to the Adopt a Newb Celebration for 2010, Graphics after the Break.

Tag Any Posts or guides with AaN10 to get included in the summary. You can also link back to this article to provide a directory of currently active Helpful projects