I’m sure if you are even passingly interested in technology news you are probably aware that we are once again on the cusp of a big Apple event. This happens every year to some degree. Since the world went gaga for the iPod some time back this means tons of media coverage. Even the morning news shows now tart up a 4 day old story as Tech Bytes and feed it to the masses.

The iPod, the iPhone, iMac, iaM tired of it. Even the i fixture in front of the word speaks less of original thinking and more of branding, and its fast becoming hackneyed

I like a machine that does what it is supposed to do, hopefully with as much transparency as possible and then goes about its business. I have never been one to give in to devotion or cultish following of any tech products. At their core they are purchases to be made, or not. Ecosystems to support, as someone in tech support, and liars. All products lie to you either through omission, or through outright deception.

Apple lies when they say you purchase a song from itunes, no you license it. The RIAA would have a fit if you could do with your content what you wanted. Microsoft lies to their Xbox fans when they said originally that there was no problem with the hardware. Two types of lies but lies and misdirection non the less.

So while the news cycle grinds to a halt tomorrow waiting with baited breath for a crumb of news from the great and powerful OZ, I’ll be doing something else.

Companies spark fervent support among their believers, but make deals behind the scenes to strengthen their positions between each other. Win or loose if one company does better than another you as a consumer don’t get anything in return unless you hold stock.I know people who were legitimately excited about Apple’s stock price going up, but owned no stock in the company, treating it like sports.

I know that by writing this the faithful will write me off as an Apple Hater, because to them anything else is unfathomable; the MS fans will clamber and holler as they believe a blow has been struck for their kind; all the while the linux group will be speaking to each other about open source ideas and the loss of their rights. Non of you is right, i just want something that works without all the micropayment heavy, proprietary ecosystem, locked down, shined up and spoon feeding stories to the proles. I’m a functionalist, please treat me as such. This post was written on my mac laptop, edited on my PC workstation and hosted on a linux box. All of which did a mighty fine job in bringing you this rant.

Apple used to say think different, but now that popular culture has embraced them it should also have the subtext, just like everyone else.