New technology replaces outdated tech, it comes at the expense of older workmanship. It renders an investment in a hobby worthless. For all of the photography buffs of the world, the avid snapshot fans and the nostalgia fan. The 35 mm camera is still an older technology but it appears ready to get an infusion of new life.

RE-35 is a product line and a company that looks to mimic the form  factor  of 35mm film canisters and throw in a bit of new  minimized  technology. Replace the film with a cartridge from RE-35 and have it be an image capture device, you pull the new film out and plug a USB into it to charge.

Launching later this year RE35 looks to come in three different resolutions 4mp, 8mp, and 12mp. No word yet on pricing, or availability, but I can’t wait to see it.  I know a whole subset of people reticent to leave behind their investment in lenses, camera bodies and sight optics for “new fangled” digital film.

At first the  criticism  was justified the image quality was nowhere near what it needed to be now the difference between professional SLR and professional film is small enough that a consumer might not be able to tell. What will this do to the market?




RE-35 | h/t Mark Schoneveld