If movies have taught me anything robots are awesome and in order to make a point in a rap battle you need to have a good and iconic grip on your mic, possibly drop it at the end of a slamming statement.

Imagine my syurprise when both of these unrelated pieces of mental  detritus  were cobbled together to give us this pieces of heavy metal awesomeness.

In a commisioned piece Three Days Grace leads singer Adam Gontier  asked  Chris Conte to create for him a mic stand with a robotic arm. The fun thing about this is that the stand you see is actually the second version the first was a right arm and hand, and the singer asked for a left to be created instead…

So the first was  canalized  and cobbled into the second iteration. The second version was actually created in triplicate to give the band one for the road one for home and i guess one for a rainy day… Silly rock stars, but awesome taste

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