Behold the Elfoid. This tiny Mouth of Sauron is the next generation of mobile technology. To boil it down to its basic and most creepy level. this device watches you while you talk. and sends your voice along with the interpreted visual cues to a similar device on the other end. Basically creating a simulacrum. While these dolls look like voodoo dolls they are actually very high tech future tech. While just in the concept and creepy stages at this point the developers are looking to have working models in production in 5 years.

I’m all for new technology but this is a bit offbeat for even my tastes. And it really don’t help that most of the promotional shots don’t do anything to lessen the creepy, in fact quite the ¬†opposite. Finally a phone that gives me the hibee jibees as opposed to cancer!

Elfoid: Humanoid mobile phone ~ Pink Tentacle.