Google Wave LogoGoogle has a great history of providing interesting and useful products to the web. They plan to continue that with Google Wave. According to Mashable the initial invites to the service will start rolling out by September 30th. I also love the logo.

The video introducing Google Wave is over an hour long so I’ll give you a quick breakdown. Wave plans to further conversations by bringing them into a shared space. Email is 40 years old! It was also built before the web, and SMS.How could conversations evolve in the bandwidth rich present?

This video was a very early demo for developers, in the hopes that the Devs will be able to help flesh Wave out.

Play by play for the video.

  • Interactivity
    • Fluid Conversation
    • A Wave is the noun for a conversation
  • Live, and quick
    • Playback, plays the conversation as it happened for late comers, which will be unbelievable
    • Private messages and Attachments
    • Branching content, attachments can live in their own waves
  • API:
    • Embed the wave on the web
    • Live on the web commenting, and in the wave. One version of conversation, multiple points of view
    • Export Documents as final versions, or new waves
  • Multi Users interactivity
    • Caption wars, add on the fly photo editing
    • Show 4 people editing
    • Live blog community style of meetings, people can follow along and add questions in remotely
  • Phone / Mobile devices same code, different layout
  • Organize the waves
    • Folders, Subjects
    • Shared community Tags
    • Wave within a wave (Might get a bit crazy)
    • Drag and drop links to waves
  • Live search of terms, new waves are added into the search almost instantly
  • Extensions are robots Internal Extension
  • (Naming convention needs a bit of work sounds like pacman ghosts)
    • Spelly: Contextual spellchecker (I need this) Bean Soup vs Been Soup
    • Linky: detects links in the text as its typed
    • Bloggy: adds content to the web and updates it live. a Web viewport into a wave
    • Searchy: Search Google from inside the wave and add content found into it live
    • Polly: adds a form into a live wave, Polls and surveys. live updates of results
    • Twitty: Twitter searching and agregating bot
    • Buggy:   bug reporting robot
    • Rosey: Rosetta stone style bot, translates word for word between up to 40 languages
  • External Extention bots
    • RSVP work flow demo.
    • Yes, No, Maybe. who is going to be at a movie
      • Games.
      • Competitive soduku,
      • Playback of a chess game!
    • Maps, inserting live and interactive maps between sessions into a wave
    • Extension for Twitter = Twave (please change this name) a wave within twitter / of tweets
    • Code Review: Using waves to track errors and bugs. Buggy the bot files bug reports. assign bug reports to people on the fly, and debate on issues from inside wave into issuetracker.
    • Buggy also pulls issuetracker bugs out of the website and drops them into the waves as well, even from people not inside of wave
  • Open Source, Federation
    • Open integration from waves hosted on other sources. Even non google hosted waves, even competitors. Open source content allows for people to deploy wave systems seperate from google integration.
    • Private waves are hosted within server clusters. So there is no way for people not involved to see private things

Hopefully the play by play will save you a little time. Its still worth watching if you have an hour and twenty minutes but suffice it to say that this is an amazing tool, and who knows where it will go from here.

If you are interested they have a singup page for accounts, they enjoin you to write poetry. I inflicted myself on the web with my Vongon-esque prose on the Travelers Mug.