and09For those f you not in the Know Adopt a Newb is a Festival i started three years ago in an effort for techs to reach out and spread the wealth of their knowledge. Every April 15th i celebrate Adopt a Newb Day were I ask people to be more mindful and helpful towards the less tech savvy around them. i always considered it a way for people to reach out and hopefully pass along some interesting and useful skills to others.

However there have been several small hitches in the road, first off the name, Adopt a Newb, has negative connotations towards the people you are helping, at least according to some comments we have received. So We’re looking for suggestions for names of the festival. The theme this year is Helpful Tech, Happy People.

The second little bit of concern people had was that the idea was sound in its most basic form but that Tech should be doing more in general to help people. Three April 15th’s have come and gone with the same questions being levied so I’m opening it up to discussion. How do you think we should change?

Comments, Feedback or Emails are all helpful. Either way I’ll have a right and proper Post for Launching the Campaign Shortly. We also have a series of graphics we’re releasing for the first time. I’m still working on the finer points of how the graphics will look.

Adopt a Newb Day is Done Service Project style, work with one person, group of people or produce content specifically meant to educate people. Tag it with Adopt a Newb Day 2009 or AND09 and we’ll build the list of people participating this year.