Every once in a while its a real good thing to look back at what you are doing and how you do it to take in some of the lessons you might have missed.Basics never go out of style. And you might get something new out of the re-learning. So in that spirit I decided to ask…

What have I learned from Podcasting?

Workflow is king:

Even the most unorganized person in the world needs to have a battle plan when it comes to producing content and doing it consistently and well. You need to establish what the steps are to getting you show from idea to ear, break each step out into smaller parts. Then after you have your list look for ways to make the whole process more efficient. It used to take me 3-4 hours to do a 15 minute show from start to finish. Now it takes me 3 hours to do a 35 minute show. More time is spent on research, less on editing and more on finishing touches.

The Devil is in the details:

I’m not a perfectionist but you need to have standards and realize that other people will judge for better or worse anything you put forward with your name on it. If they don’t like it there is no need for them to come back there are plenty of podcasts online. Your potential listeners will find someone who respects their ears a bit more. Do the small things right and don’t be afraid of leaving the graphics undone or the show notes perfect for the first little bit.

Research Time >= Production Time:

You need to know what you are saying. I tend to gloss over topics with full disclosure of my ignorance on topics. I will put forth links that interest me and i think people need to know about, and generally direct people to the article rather than provide in informed commentary. Don’t be afraid of not being an expert, you’re not supposed to be, nor do you have to be.

PCP: Punctuality, Consistency and Passion:

This is how i try to approach each episode, and the podcast as a whole. Do each show on time, keep a consistent tone and set of limits for what you can and will discuss, and lastly approach the topic with a vigorous mind. Get excited and have fun with your topic, start a conversation and put yourself out there. Be open to the dialog and try not to take critique to heart.

Don’t be Afraid:

Even if you’re starting a podcast to try and build your brand online or build a business be fearless in your content. As long as you approach a topic with passion and an informed mind to back you up, no one can tell you that your opinion is wrong. They can try toconvince you that it is but welcome the dialog. When someone takes the time to write you about your show it means that even if they think you are incorrect they listened.

What have you learned from yourself today?