Normal lightbulbs usually last for about 1 year, or 2500 hours, depending on how much you use the light. How about a lightbulb that has lasted 110 years.

In Livermore, California, A Firehouse has a lightbulb that’s been burning since 1901. Made by The Shelby Electric Company, it is a handblown bulb with carbon filament. Currently running 4 watts, it runs on a  separate  power source, and is never turned off.  It is currently the longest burning lightbulb in history. However, there are a few that are still going as well. They sure don’t make them like they used to.

Livermore, California is so proud of the shining light, that they have a website dedicated to the “Centennial Light“. Make sure you stop by the Bulb Cam to see the light bulb still going.