I feel bad for Skype, well as much as I can feel bad about any  business  that was just purchased for a sum I will never see in my life. 8.5 billion in cash. the company has been passed around a lot. it seems the service is great but the  marriage  had its problems.  And to be honest ebay always seemed like the wrong fit for a telephony company.

Working with and being part of Microsoft could be a fantastic transition for Skype. between skype coming to Kinect, Xbox and windows mobile platforms. It does leave the support for the software on other platforms in doubt. Not that a company with Microsoft’s footprint couldn’t do it but rather that any delay will be seen as a slight.

Being that I’m nto a heavy user of the service I won’t be using any sleep but I honestly hope for good things for Skype.

Microsoft Buys Skype