Who doesn’t remember blowing into NES Carts to get them to work, having to shove another tape in the machine to jury rig the thing. to get that miraculous connection and still be able to play Duckhunt. God forbid your sibling bumped into the system while you were on the last level of SMB3, no save points people. Start over every time…

Gamer’s fondly ┬áremember ┬áthe land of no saves, like older adults remember a land with no cell phones. When you’re out, you’re out, try again later. If you’re done you’re done, try to beat mean old Bowser another time.

This game is nothing like that, in fact this is a  breathalyser. 8 bit style. Complete with Hi scores, and a Cart based, mouthpiece. So no LANparties can be safe. When everyone drives home you have to try the NES first.

8Bit graphics, Hi Scores? This is sure to be a hit at the next geeky frat to throw a game of square root beer pong. All of the drunk levels are based on animal puns too! Sew Bear, Party Kitten, Buzzy Bee, and something about getting froggy. Awesome! and add in the Alco-Hall of Fame. Elite Geek Party maneuver.

Drunken NES – Nintendo Breathalyzer from EM Dash on Vimeo.


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