You think the terrorists didn’t win? A bomb squad blew up a damn toy pony because some kid left it near a park and a school. Justify this if you want under an umbrella of fear but COME ON. My kid leaves a trail of junk behind him wherever  he goes. Do I need to warn the authorities if a suspicious Batman playset shows up?

How would you explain to a 4 year old that his / her horse had to be detonated? Sorry Kids but Trigger had to die…  By the By, the pony was a 350$ FurReal Pony. I for one would be a irritated to no end if a bomb squad blew up my kids $350.00 toy. Come on people think of the Butterscotch when you’re acting and calling in suspicious packages. Trojan horse analogies aside, this was ridiculous.

via  YouTube – Waterbridge Elementary Bomb Scare. Full video after the jump.