One of my problems with Apple is that they provide very few options to keep old machines current. It’s called planned Obsolescence, your machine will not only be out of date soon, but the OS might not even run on your machine in a couple of years. And since Apple updates their OS nice and often the third party vendors choose to support the latest incarnation. For Apple lovers this is a double edged sword.

First off their OS becomes much slimmer since it doesn’t have to support older machines. However Apple’s are also usually built well. I have a 10 year old machine that still runs, and it was an everyday machine for 3 years. I have a 6 year old machine that is in mostly working order, only 1 usb port isn’t working, and this machine was very roughly used.

The problem ends up being that the machines are built well enough to last but shuffled off to the also ran pile due to upgrades.

What to do with the old machines then? One example is the timepiece to the side, but i think a $1,500 time piece is a bit outlandish don’t you? What would you rather have? A passable Machine that lasts a bit, but has a long tail for OS 3rd party app compatibility?   OR An extremely well made machine which will soon be forced to backup status by frequent os / New 3rd party software compatibility issues?