AT first glance Piano Playing Pen is a pen with the ability to read music, and play it back to you. And that is almost correct, this pen will play the tones to the music as you swipe it over the page, the only problem being that it only works on special sheet music. I was very excited as someone who knows how to play a couple different instruments one of the biggest problems I have with sheet music is the tone and the pacing of the music. If i can hear a piece being played, hummed or even sang I can play it that much easier. Yes i can read music but a device like this that could work without boundires would be awesome.

Still for only $20 this is a device that could help almost any student get up to speed, or tempo in this case while they are learning how to read the music correct. Every good boy deserves fudge! FACE and all those little tricks will still carry you long after your skills have moved beyond the pages that work with this but imagine being able to run this over new music and getting a leg up on how its supposed to sound? That would be awesome.

ยป OhGizmo!