The Momentum Reel Mower by Fiskars is a new level of green tech. For the longest time my parents had an old Soctt Push Mower, being that my dad is named Scott it was funny to watch Scott push Scott around the yard, until it was Paul’s turn to do it. Those things were hard to use, the 1:1 gear ratio and simple mechanism wasn’t meant to ease anyone’s workload when careing for the garden they were meant to do one thing, cut grass. The new Momentum Reel Mower actually uses a special flywheel and a variable height system to get the job done quicker and adds in a great feature to cut twigs and branches with the  vertical  blades as well.

Right now green is big, and gas mowers have been singled out as one of the largest polluters in north america alone  accounting  for over 5% of the yearly  emissions, probably more when someone rider their tractor cross  country  for a charity. Currently we use all electric devices to trim the back 40 in the Caffination lair but that mower which came with the house is on its last legs. I would much rather have one of these bad boys. Priced at $259 its a small price increase from  comparable  electric mowers and if you have a small yard like I do, or you have a large yard, and like some exercise then this could be the deal for you.  Or at the very least an interesting entry into the space