Siri is the new Apple personal  assistant, voice recognition app. It can do so many things, and apparently one of them is comedy! Part of the challenge of designing software that reacts to people in real language is dealing with unexpected input. This isn’t a new problem, drop an F bomb in Zork, and you get the response “Such language  in a high-class  establishment like this!” And Zork came out in 1979, people haven’t changed that much since then.

As soon as you can talk to a piece of software someone is going to curse, another is say dirty suggestive things. And apparently  Siri has the response to all of it. Pop Culture references, Philosophical queries, foul requests. All of that can be found on the hilarious blog. Shit Siri Says. People submit conversations, and we all get to laugh.

But Siri, as a concept has never been far from Apple’s mind. For a bit of a jaw dropping  experience  take a look at one of the original concepts for a digital  assistant, the  Knowledge Navigator.