My thought has always been that guns are not inherently  bad. Bad people use guns to spread their malfeseance and careless people leave them out where accidents can happen. If you own a gun, your right isn’t just to own it but but rather should be contingent on your care and propper treatment of the weapon.

A new idea in the realm of gun  safety  has emerged. Armatix is now selling a .22 caliber handgun with an  external  safety. Basically if you’re not wearing this obviously styling watch the light on the gun doesn’t turn green. And as we all know green means go; its not go time unless you have your watch on. There is a proximity detector in the gun which enables all of this.

I can’t imagine a more useful application than for police. If it  works as advertised it would basically  eliminate  the possibility of an officer’s weapon being stolen and used against him. However you also have to wonder about adding an extra layer of possible failure in between a cop and doing his job or protecting himself. Its  interesting  to see the tech non the less

Also no one is suggesting cops would be toting a .22 around either. Just some food for thought.