Still trying to get a handle on Google Wave. Its awesome, but still mighty raw.

I listed a bunch of good and bad facts, I wanted to see how they compare to other’s notions thus far.

The Good:

  1. Streamlined communication
  2. Streamlined and more cohesive multi-person document editing
  3. Just of the Lol

The Bad

  • It’s email where half of your contact list or more doesn’t own a computer
  • Sluggish response on most browsers
  • Massive list of features, means steep learning curve

The Ugly

  • People who got the first round of invites and did nothing with them
  • People who rush to judgement on the system
  • BETA, this is a real beta, preview is what google has to call it because they watered the term BETA down.

I added this little bullet list to a wave, and tried to plug it into this blog post, if you’re on wave feel free to add, modify or change. my wave addy is

By the By, if you don’t have a Wave account the spot below will have a login screen, because apparently i can’t make a wave publicly viewable to those outside the beta, so sorry

[wave id=”!w+YVyM0lacE” color=”#050504″ bgcolor=”#d2b48c” font=”Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif”]