I get a lot of questions on how my podcast is created. I’ve decided to help out a little and give you a flow chart to guide you. As well as a couple of tips along the way to smooth production for you. This will be a series of quick tips

Be Kind, Subscribe

How you speak is very important.

Start paying attention to how your voice sounds and where the sounds come from. You might feel the resonance for different sounds coming from high up in your throat or down low in your chest. Different sounds come from different areas in your throat. You can round out higher sounds by  consciously  moving your tone down the throat. With enough practice you can change the tone of your voice.

Be kind to your pipes, drink water while recording. Avoid things like milk which coat your throat. While a focus of this site Coffee,  is horrible for constricting you vocal cords, same with most acidic beverages. Dry pipes are no good so make sure to hydrate.

Fizzy drinks can be good to clean your pipes, but moderation is the key with this, no need to belch all over your episode. Also in small doses a bit of alcohol can help loosen your chords up if them, but again everything in moderation, don’t want to tie a load on to do a show.

Hopefully these quick tips will help you prep for your show. Stay tuned as we walk through the flow chart every couple of days with new tips.

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