WordPress 3.0: Thelonious debuted today, this is a fantastic step forward in blogging, and CMS solutions. Here are some of the features that the new version will bring on.

WordPress is what this and most of my other sites are all run on, so being able to upgrade versions to a newer spiffy-er one is always a big event. This time around the name was chosen as a homage to the great Thelonious Monk, keeping in line with the Jazz theme of name conventions.

  • A nice cleaner look on the admin side, major CMS capabilities being added
  • Custom admin names during installation FTW
  • All in one updater screen with  maintenance  mode, helps you NOT break your blog,  always  a plus
  • No longer stuck with posts or page you get to create your own taxonomies
  • New default theme, that quite frankly is gorgeous and clean
  • Last but most certainly not least is the merger of WordPress and WordPress mu
  • This means that  whether  you are hosting 1 blog or +1 blog you only need one WordPress install

For those of you non WP geeks out there what does this mean for you? Well not much, if your site admins are good people you should never see the change, and only see the  benefits  of better content and design in the near future. Great step forward, can’t wait to play around with it!

Don’t believe me? check out the full on description