I love the concept of an electric car, I just don’t love the  price tag. My commute is a laughably short 16 miles, but horrifying hour in  traffic. I thought about biking, Not really in the  shape  for it, and the time would be either about the same or even slower for the bike.

Now a motorcycle would really do me a solid. And an electric bike would be mighty sweet. The Zero XU unit has a portable power pack that doubles as an  in-apartment  / office charging station, as well as an antitheft device. hey Mcfly that bike don’t work without POWER

it would be awesome if there was some sort of locking device that when the powerpack was removed a steel bolt prevented moving the wheels or something. Make it a purely physical lock too, wouldn’t want a software glitch to hit me while I’m on the road.

Zero XU electric motorcycle makes in-apartment EV charging a reality Engadget.